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Blood sugar fairy tale

on March 29, 2012

Apparently the blood sugar fairy – or demon, more likely – attacked last night.  My CGM line looks like a roller coaster.  I went to bed at about 75 (not a good idea), went up and down all night, and I woke up at 165. The only thing I can figure out is that someone was feeding me cookies all night. Darn. Sure wish I had been awake to enjoy them.  Just when I think I have things completely under control, stuff like this happens. And just to confirm it, while grocery shopping this morning, I must have hit about 50 (Dexcom said 70) and got really sweaty and shaky, right in the middle of the cereal aisle.  Jolly Rancher to the rescue!

I read something this week about the fact that we are never in control of our diabetes, we are just in charge. That really makes sense to me.  On days like today, I know very well I’ll never be in control.  So it is encouraging to think that at least I can be in charge.  That means I don’t have to get all upset when my blood sugars go in unexpected directions, as if it were my fault.  Instead, I take charge and do something about it.  Presto, no guilt! Well, almost no guilt.  OK, sometimes no guilt.  It’s hard not to take a BG reading of 250 personally. But I’m working on it.

All of this makes me profoundly grateful that God is in control of my life, not me. This has been a rough week at our church, with the sudden death of a member, and a sudden serious illness of another. This is just made worse by the fact that it seems like we have a lot of folks dealing with serious illnesses already.   At times like this, I am reminded that God is indeed in control, and all of this is in His hands, according to His timing, for His purpose. I don’t understand the whys, but the more I learn about the character of God, the more I am able to trust Him for the answers I don’t have.

This has also put my own struggles with diabetes in perspective. Even on my worst days, life is good, and full of blessings.  I am thankful for the technology that makes the management of this disease so much easier. Even when my Dexcom wakes me several times in the night to warn me I’m low (or high).  I am thankful for Dr. Hazen and for Betty, my diabetes educator, who encourage and coach me through the ins and outs of diabetes, and listen to my whining when I’m feeling sorry for myself. I’m thankful for great insurance that makes it possible for me to get the medication I need. I’m thankful for people in the DOC who can make me laugh about diabetes. Mostly I’m thankful to God for creating me the way He did, diabetes and all, knowing that He has a plan for me, and is providing the help I need to bring Him glory in and through the challenge of diabetes.


2 responses to “Blood sugar fairy tale

  1. lovehatediabetes says:

    I’m just learning the nack of not taking BGs personally! It’s tough, but it can be done. I like what you said, we’re in charge 🙂

  2. Colleen says:

    Thanks. I like your blog – I’ll add it to my blogroll – when I figure out how to do that!

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