Learning the language of diabetes, part 2

So this time around, I thought I would talk about what is involved in managing type 1 diabetes.  I can only speak to that, since that’s basically what I am, and I don’t really know what it takes to manage type 2. I might get a guest blogger to write about type 2 for me. Continue reading “Learning the language of diabetes, part 2”

Inspired lyrics

This morning my son and I were visiting Calvin College, and had the privilege of sharing in their Chapel service. We sang Matt Rebman’s song “You never let go”. Call me weird but I think this is the BEST worship song for diabetics.  Here are the words that spoke to me so eloquently: And IContinue reading “Inspired lyrics”


I’ll make a disclaimer right up front on this one – this post has less to do with diabetes and more to do with how we deal with trials as Christians.  Today while I was swimming, I had a breakthrough of sorts.  I was thinking through some of the stuff we have been learning inContinue reading “Breakthrough!”