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Sometimes diabetes just stinks

on April 12, 2012

So, despite all that I have said on this blog about the great lessons I’m learning and the ways God is growing me, sometimes it’s true that diabetes just stinks.  The past couple of days have reminded me of this profound truth.  My blood sugars have been fine, for the most part, but the time consuming and intrusive nature of this disease just gets me down.

Yesterday morning, I woke after a lousy night’s sleep because of repeated interruptions by Jiminy (my Dexcom continuous glucose monitor).  I had successfully ignored the first two or three alerts, but finally about 3:30 am, I rolled over and looked at the screen.  HIGH, OVER 200.  REALLY?  How did that happen? Oh yeah, it had said at bedtime that I was at 94, so I had eaten a snack  – without double checking with a finger stick BG check. Bad idea.  I know better, but was just plain tired and wanted to go to bed without sticking myself one more time that day.  So now I was paying for it.  I checked, and indeed was well over 200, so I dosed with insulin in my grogginess, and went back to sleep. Got up a few hours later and lo and behold, a lovely fasting BG of 94!  I was feeling pretty good about the start of the day.

Then, self-sabotage!  I forgot to split the dose of my breakfast insulin over the next few hours, so when I left to go swimming, I was lower than I like to be before getting in the pool. No problem, I thought, I’ll just eat a snack before I hit the water.  Of course, I got to the pool and in my eagerness (?) to get going, I forgot to eat.  The first 15 minutes were great and I thought I was home free! Then I hit the wall. And never broke through it.  I slogged through another 10 minutes of swimming in molasses and finally gave up, feeling totally defeated and with all the symptoms of being low to deal with (shaky hands and legs, foggy brain, general yukkiness).

On top of this, Jiminy had stopped recording, and my pump was low on insulin, so throughout my doomed swim, I dreaded having to stick myself with both a new infusion site for the pump, and a new sensor for the CGM.  Neither one of these is terrible, but having to do both at one time is a drag and made me feel pretty sorry for myself.  Happily, Jiminy woke up and found me again, but I still had to detour home to refill my pump with a new type of insulin (that’s another story for another time) and put in a new infusion site.

So the rest of the morning went fine…….until lunch.  I dosed for a fairly low carb lunch  and wondered if the new insulin would act just like my old type.  Of course not.  My BG went way high and stuck there for hours, so that my brain went into that sugar-encrusted state of not really being very quick on the draw. And considering that I was trying to understand the mysteries of Romans 8 all day, that wasn’t a good thing.

The good news is that my BG finally came down late in the afternoon, and I’m figuring out strategies to make the new insulin work for me. Swimming this morning was great – though I pushed myself really hard to make up for yesterday and am still feeling it 6 hours later.

But yeah, diabetes stinks sometimes. It takes a lot of time to manage, it interferes with my agenda, makes me feel awful at times, and just when I think I have something figured out, it changes.  I’m trying to get used to it, but it’s not easy.  But, it does help to say it out loud, and then move on.  And to realize that in general, I’m healthy, blessed and love my life. Yeah, that’s better.


4 responses to “Sometimes diabetes just stinks

  1. Cheryl Wolfe says:

    Dear Colleen,

    I just wanted to say I stopped by to visit with you today (read your latest post). How stinky, what a “sucker” of time, a drain of energy, a damper on the freedom to live spontaneously, a drag on how it makes you feel at times, a killjoy, a nuisance when Jiminy goes on vacation unannounced, and many other things you could add, I’m sure. And how thankful I am for your heart (not surprised, however), your “giftedness” in writing (nope, not surpised), your honesty, and your example to me and others of being open to taking something yucky and offering it back to our Father – to be used by him as a way to encourage and care for other sheep in the flock. You go girl! Hugs to you… and… we still miss you guys in SS!

  2. Colleen says:

    Wow, thanks Cheryl. We really miss you guys too. And your comment makes me feel humbled and very thankful. Glad you came to visit 🙂

  3. jane elliott says:

    all correct-hang in there-I have to come up with a name for my cgm!!!!

  4. Colleen says:

    My CGM is named Jiminy ‘cos it chirps at all the wrong times and is SO annoying!

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