Those pesky lows

I was encouraged to write about lows by my diabetic educator and friend Betty.   Lows (when your blood glucose drops below about 60 or so) are a pain. Pretty much every diabetic has experienced them at one time or another.  Lately I’ve had a lot of them and I’m working on making that stop, butContinue reading “Those pesky lows”

Forgetting diabetes

Something happened this week that I had thought was impossible. I actually forgot I had diabetes for a little while.  That might sound really odd to those of you who don’t have diabetes or some other chronic condition, but I think most other type 1s would agree with me that this is not a diseaseContinue reading “Forgetting diabetes”

That humility thing, again

It seems that one of the lessons God is determined to teach me is humility.  It just keeps rearing its ugly head.  This time, it is in the realization that diabetes sometimes gets me in a strangle hold, and that no matter how hard I might try to fight my way out of it, orContinue reading “That humility thing, again”