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Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

5 reasons it’s great to have LADA

on May 6, 2012

On one of my favorite facebook pages, Type 1 Diabetes Memes, they recently did a list of Top 10 reasons why it’s great to have Type 1 Diabetes.  I thought I would do the same on a more personal level.  Since I’m pretty sure I can’t come up with 10 reasons, I’ll just go with 5. Maybe at a later date, I’ll add to the list.   And I’m not really sure I can say it’s GREAT to have LADA, but at least I can say is that these are 5 things that have happened as a result of having LADA that I’m really thankful for! So here goes……..

5. I have gotten reacquainted with a lot the stuff I learned in college and graduate school as a major in Human Nutrition.  The good part is I hadn’t really forgotten it all!

4. I am healthier overall than I probably ever have been. I weigh less than I have in decades and am exercising more than ever. I probably eat better than I did pre-LADA too.

3. Having a chronic disease has made me more empathetic with those who are suffering with other health issues. Conversely, I am grateful that I can manage this disease and still live a relatively normal life (though normal now sure looks different than it did two years ago!).

2. I have developed wonderful new relationships with my diabetic educator and now friend Betty and other friends with diabetes and other chronic health issues, as well as a deepened respect and appreciation for my doctor.  These relationships would not be part of my life if I had not developed LADA, and I am enriched by them in ways I would not want to trade.

1. And the number 1 reason it’s great to have LADA? It has definitely deepened my love for my God and Savior, and has caused me to rely on His grace and strength in ways I never have had to.  Scripture has become even richer in meaning and application to my new life as a diabetic.

So, it’s not all bad blood sugar days and frustrations with all the work it takes to manage this disease. There are things to be thankful for too.  I hope I can still say this after tomorrow’s appointment with my doctor where I’ll get the latest A1C report!


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