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One Great Thing

on May 15, 2012

This  is my first post during Diabetes Blog Week and I’m happy to be part of it.  But finding One Great Thing has been challenging. What do I do well at managing my diabetes? That has taken some time and thought.  But I think I have become a better problem solver.  Most recent example:  I have had problems with air bubbles in my otherwise wonderful Animas Ping pump.  No matter how carefully I fill the cartridge with insulin, within a day or so there are many bubbles in the cartridge. And there have been times when it has made insulin delivery inconsistent – getting air bubbles in the line really messes up accurate dosing.  I have tried to get rid of them in a number of ways.  The Animas service reps (always really helpful and encouraging) had a few ideas – all of which I tried, but didn’t work.  My diabetes educator had some ideas – tried those too, and they didn’t work. Animas even supplied me with a loaner pump to see if the problem might be in my pump, and that didn’t work (and the pump was black and noisier than mine – both real downers for me!).  Turns out it was my non-diabetic, microbiologist husband who came up with the solution to my problem. So I guess when I say I have become a better problem solver, that means that sometimes I know where to go to find someone who can help me solve my problems.

But really, diabetes is just a series of problems to solve, isn’t it?  Why am I going up so fast? Why am I low after eating a great dinner?  How much do I need to eat in order to get out of a low, but not so much that I swing high?  And today, why is my blood glucose (BG) staying way above 200 (and even above 300 for a while) when I’m dosing and didn’t really eat anything to drive it that high?  Turns out it was a bad infusion site, which I switched out as soon as I realized it.  But then, another problem. How much insulin is actually in my system? Ping (my pump) says I have a certain amount on board, but I know that a good bit of that had oozed out onto the adhesive patch holding my infusion site in place. So, how much to dose in order to bring this stubborn high BG down?  It has taken all day to get it down into the realm of normal, and even now, 7 hours after  I hit 200, I’m still higher than I’d like to be. Fortunately, my Dexcom helps me keep track of this, so I’m not sticking my fingers every hour to see where I am. For that I am truly thankful.  I’m sure something else will crop up tonight or tomorrow or the next day to test my problem solving skills – and hopefully I’ll be up for it.  I guess it keeps my brain working – who needs Words with Friends when you’ve got diabetes to keep those brain connections firing?


One response to “One Great Thing

  1. Colleen says:

    Wowee Zowee!
    Your comment today just made me laugh. How weird!
    We HAVE to get to know each other.
    Colleen in New Hampshire

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