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Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

3600 women

So the Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference has exceeded my wildest expectations.  The focus on the centrality of the gospel in all of life has been just an amazing thing to contemplate.  John Piper, Donald Carson, Paige Benton Brown, Tim and Kathy Keller, Jenny Salt, Susan Hunt, Kathy Chapell – all of them have just blown my mind and heart with the glory of God revealed in the gospel.  And having Kristyn and Keith Getty lead us in worship – what can I say?  I am totally spoiled by this and just wallowing in the luxury of it. What a joy to sing “In Christ Alone” and “Speak O Lord” with the Gettys. Toss in a pretty upscale hotel with really friendly staff and a marvelous pool and lazy river and this has been a totally amazing few days. I truly hope this will be a regular event, especially now that Sarah will be living down here and it will be yet another excuse to head for Florida. And there really are 3600 women here – so all the men’s restrooms in the area of the hotel where our meeting rooms are have been converted to women’s restrooms and men who are polite enough to let women onto the elevators or through doors first end up waiting a long time!

I need to take some time to really review my notes so that I can retain some small fraction of what we have heard here.  My favorite quote from tonight was that sound theology should result in doxology and transformation. That’s what I want – to be transformed by what I have heard, not to just sit on it and waste it.

And since this is also a blog about dealing with diabetes, I guess I should say something about that. It has been a rocky few days.  Meals are unpredictable and pretty heavy on the carbs. It turns out that mangoes (Sarah’s new boss gave us 8 of them from the tree in his backyard!) have more carbs than I accounted for this morning, for example.  But the pool is great, and I got in a good half hour swim this morning. It’s this long and winding pool with lots of little coves and things, and it takes 90 strokes to get from one end to the other (yep, I counted).  The exercise really helped keep things more stable today, despite the mangoes.  I plan to swim in the morning too.  That will be especially helpful since we have a 9 hour drive tomorrow afternoon……

Next stop, Asheville!

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Lessons learned

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned from having diabetes, it’s that I cannot live life at breakneck speed without taking some sanity breaks.  That’s also true while traveling. Fortunately, on this trip so far, we have been able to pace ourselves pretty well. This morning, we slept in, picked up some food for the next few days at the conference and are now planted at a Panera catching up on computer tasks.  We have a busy afternoon, then a 2 hour drive, so this is a great way to start out the day.  The next three days are conference days, where the temptation is to go non-stop, since the speakers are all terrific and it’s going to be hard to say “no” to any of the sessions. Giving thanks for self-control and friends who will help me to make wise choices.

I am finally enjoying some lovely BG numbers – great night, good day so far, and hopefully nothing will sabotage it.  Yeah, right.  This is diabetes, not something predictable.  Giving thanks for the technology and medical support that helps me to manage this disease, for the most part.

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Apartment hunting and other adventures

The day started badly with horrible blood glucose numbers all night. I’m pretty sure someone replaced the insulin in the vial I’ve been using with water (well, not really, but whatever was coming out of my pump wasn’t working).  After over 12 hours over 200 (AGAIN) I opened a new vial, replaced my cartridge and infusion set and life went on.  Look at the numbers, do what you can to deal with them, and give thanks.  Then, we went out to the car to get started on our apartment hunting day and found a really flat front tire.  So, we found an actual service station, got the tire pumped up, and headed for Sam’s (we were going there anyway, surprisingly) for a new tire.  45 minutes later, we were on our way with a safe new tire, giving thanks that the tire didn’t blow at 70 mph on I95.

On to Barnes and Noble (oh bliss, a bookstore!) for a good map-book of Miami to aid us in our travels and for Sarah to keep.  Gave thanks for the great Cafe in B&N for a quickly delivered lunch when my BG finally crashed (rage bolusing will do that to you…..). Then an afternoon filled with driving, touring, and assessing neighborhoods.  We accomplished a lot and both of us feel like we have as good a handle on this as we can in this short time.  Then to Miami Beach for a light dinner (yum, falafel!) and a walk on the beach.  Yep, we walked along Miami Beach and got the Atlantic Ocean all over us.  I do love the smell of sea air and the scrunch of sand under my feet.  It’s surprising how tired you can get from a half hour walk along the ocean. But what a good tired.

We got back at the hotel early, and both Sarah and I revived enough to want to work out. I hit the pool and got in 40 minutes of great exercise.  I feel SO good.  We have decided to leave Miami a bit early, so tomorrow evening, after another full day (with Sarah’s new boss!),  we will head about 2 hours up the coast to get closer to our next stop – Orlando.  Two days of exercise out of 3 – not bad.

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