Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

6 jelly beans

on June 7, 2012

So yesterday I had been battling lows all morning after a great swim, and just before our staff meeting at church, I tested and found myself at 59.  I ate a snack, which I took insulin for, since it was more than I needed for just correcting the low.  That awful low feeling persisted though, so I ate 6 jelly beans that we had at the meeting. And where did the jelly beans come from you ask? (I know, you really didn’t ask.) I had brought them in an attempt to get them out of my office, where they had been tempting me since the Easter Egg Hunt.  Anyway, I ate the jelly beans, hoping they would get me out of that low zone where I was wallowing.

Well, they worked – with a vengeance.  It turns out that for me, eating things like jelly beans is like some kind of blood sugar poison.  45 minutes after eating 6 little jelly beans, my BG was at 202.  Really? From 59 to 202?  How ridiculous is that?  I have to admit, the 202 didn’t last long, and came down very quickly, much more quickly than than that kind of high usually does for me.  Quick and dirty assault by 6 Jelly Bellies.

But it made me realize, you can’t cheat with diabetes.  Even if the Dexcom doesn’t catch you, the headache and fuzzy thinking will.  No one else may be able tell your blood sugar is high, but you know it, and the numbers don’t lie. Which probably means that at some point, my doc or my diabetic educator will know I cheated too, when they look at my data.  It makes me wonder what it would be like if the rest of my life were like that.  What if every time I sinned, there was some physiological change that signaled it?  What if other people could tell when I sin – would that be more of a deterrent than knowing that God always knows when I sin?  If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean I am more concerned with pleasing people than with pleasing God?  Yikes. That’s an indictment I don’t want to face!

I have a lot to learn, about living with diabetes and about living a consistently faithful, obedient Christian life.  Once again, I am struck by the spiritual lessons this disease brings to my life.  I pray that I am teachable enough to deal with both the physical aspects of this disease without obsessing on it, as well as applying the spiritual lessons I am learning.


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