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Travels with the Grogan girls

on June 18, 2012

I’ve decided to try to blog a little bit every day that I can while we are traveling.  It’s probably not all going to be very interesting, but it will provide a journal for me of what I consider to be a pretty significant trip.  For any who don’t already know, Sarah (my daughter) and I are traveling to Florida and North Carolina over the next 10 days. First stop tonight is in Valdosta, very close to where my Mom grew up in Thomasville.  We’ve already bought (and eaten) fresh Georgia peaches – yum.  We drove for about 12 hours today, and traffic was blessedly easy, everywhere but Atlanta.  Really, Atlantans, don’t you know that the double white lines marking off the HOV lane are NOT supposed to be crossed?  Even I, a foreigner, got that message and obeyed the rules.

Blood sugars were roller coastery all day, but no real extremes, except a 56 this morning that I corrected fairly easily.  We ate lunch that we had brought along at a rest area and it was nice to get some fresh air. Gas is SO much cheaper down here.  Paid $3.03/gallon for the first fill-up.

Best news of the day – I can get a pretty good workout in a hotel pool!  Sarah and both decided after dinner that we felt like trying to get some exercise, so she hit the fitness room and I hit the pool.  I tried doing laps, but since it’s only 7 strokes from end to end, I got dizzy after just a few laps. So I did some kicking, and various other arm workout things to get in a half hour of exercise. I feel SO much better, and very optimistic that I can keep some kind of exercise routine during this trip. That had me abnormally worried, since when I don’t exercise, my blood sugars go really wacky and I end up feeling awful.  This is not a trip I want to feel awful on.

Now, as to the purpose of this trip, for those who don’t know.  (If you do, you are free to leave now.)  Sarah has a job in Miami (yes, Florida) starting August 1. She is to be the Assistant Director of the Miami Choral Academy. It’s a super cool job and I’m so doggone proud of her, but of course that comes with mom-feelings of loss and grieving.  We are meeting her new boss on Wednesday and then we will look for a place for her to live.  I’m hoping that by seeing where she will be, it will help me to feel better about all this.  Yeah, right.

Then we are off to Orlando for the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference with Becky and Linnea Verhagen (and 3600 other women).  3 days of amazing speakers, incredible worship with Keith and Kristyn Getty and wonderful fellowship with the Verhagen girls.   Finally, our last stop will be Asheville NC, for a tour of the Biltmore and wandering around Asheville and some time with my BFF Amanda Cooley.  A girly trip that I will treasure for a long time.

So this is turning out to be not such a short post.  But this is the introductory blog of the trip, so it requires some explanation.  Traveling with diabetes is a whole new proposition for me.  It requires lots more planning, more luggage and more attention than usual to my blood sugars.  It’s like I need to prove to myself that I can do this, I can manage my diabetes while on a trip like this, where my schedule is totally different and not totally in my control.  Lows are inconvenient and awkward, and highs put a damper on the fun, so I’m motivated to work hard to manage things well.

Good night.  More driving tomorrow!


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