Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes


on June 19, 2012

We made it!  We’re in our hotel, with  an actual view of the bay and downtown Miami from our little balcony. Not a fancy hotel, just a nice Best Western.  Interesting observations driving through Florida today:

  • It’s SO flat.  Florida makes Illinois look positively mountainous!
  • The bird life is fascinating.  Totally different birds, and it was so frustrating not to know what they were.
  • Saw a large turtle by the road – more than a foot in diameter, with a very long neck poking up from the grass.
  • Free Florida orange and grapefruit juice at the Welcome Center at the state line. Too bad I wasn’t low so I could have had some.
  • Florida has the biggest restrooms I’ve even seen in their roadside Rest Areas – more than 25 stalls in each of two Women’s restrooms.  Guess they see a lot more tourist buses than most other states….
  • So far, very few people we have run into (other than the guy we bought peaches from in Georgia yesterday) have southern accents.

So we got here early enough that we thought we’d take a short tour around Miami and find some place for dinner.  Big mistake.  Turns out that the NBA Finals are being played in Miami tonight – and we ended up in that traffic not just once, but twice.  Brilliant.  So, after two hours of “touring” Miami, we ate at the restaurant at our hotel – and because a storm was coming up and our table was on the terrace, we took it up to our room.  Now there’s a wonderful thunderstorm outside, with rain coming down sideways, very loud wind, palm trees flapping wildly and the bay churning and choppy.   No pool time tonight (the pool’s outside).


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