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Apartment hunting and other adventures

on June 20, 2012

The day started badly with horrible blood glucose numbers all night. I’m pretty sure someone replaced the insulin in the vial I’ve been using with water (well, not really, but whatever was coming out of my pump wasn’t working).  After over 12 hours over 200 (AGAIN) I opened a new vial, replaced my cartridge and infusion set and life went on.  Look at the numbers, do what you can to deal with them, and give thanks.  Then, we went out to the car to get started on our apartment hunting day and found a really flat front tire.  So, we found an actual service station, got the tire pumped up, and headed for Sam’s (we were going there anyway, surprisingly) for a new tire.  45 minutes later, we were on our way with a safe new tire, giving thanks that the tire didn’t blow at 70 mph on I95.

On to Barnes and Noble (oh bliss, a bookstore!) for a good map-book of Miami to aid us in our travels and for Sarah to keep.  Gave thanks for the great Cafe in B&N for a quickly delivered lunch when my BG finally crashed (rage bolusing will do that to you…..). Then an afternoon filled with driving, touring, and assessing neighborhoods.  We accomplished a lot and both of us feel like we have as good a handle on this as we can in this short time.  Then to Miami Beach for a light dinner (yum, falafel!) and a walk on the beach.  Yep, we walked along Miami Beach and got the Atlantic Ocean all over us.  I do love the smell of sea air and the scrunch of sand under my feet.  It’s surprising how tired you can get from a half hour walk along the ocean. But what a good tired.

We got back at the hotel early, and both Sarah and I revived enough to want to work out. I hit the pool and got in 40 minutes of great exercise.  I feel SO good.  We have decided to leave Miami a bit early, so tomorrow evening, after another full day (with Sarah’s new boss!),  we will head about 2 hours up the coast to get closer to our next stop – Orlando.  Two days of exercise out of 3 – not bad.


One response to “Apartment hunting and other adventures

  1. jane elliott says:

    oh travel fun-stress(good and bad) of travel = high blood sugars and rage bolusing always makes you bottom out!!! Praying for your continued adventures!!!

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