Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

On the road again

on July 2, 2012

After being home from our southern travels for only 2 days, I was off again to spend the 4th of July week with my family in Illinois.  Packing was complicated by our power getting knocked out by a crazy wind and thunderstorm on Friday afternoon.  But after a rare Saturday morning swim (to make up for all the days I missed swimming while we were traveling), I loaded up all my stuff and headed west.

Being out in the country at my parents’ house with both of my brothers and their families is always fun.  Good food, great games of Hearts (well, vicious games of Hearts anyway) and just being away from the busy-ness of life is a welcome break.

But, I realized last night that I forgot the charger cord for my Dexcom.  Rats.  I last charged it on Thursday night, which means it is overdue to die out.  The last bar is blinking feebly, so I’m going to lose Jiminy (yes, I named my Dexcom) soon.  At first I was pretty angry at myself for forgetting something so important.  I probably over-reacted to this whole episode, since I’ll be home on Thursday night and will only be without it for 3 days or so. I am now realizing that this is an opportunity to break away from a piece of technology that I have become very attached to (pun intended).  I rely on the real-time data about my blood glucose level to decide about whether to eat and when to eat.  I do love that I can head off lows and highs by having that information, but at the same time, I have been listening less to my own body’s cues about those things since I have hard data available.  Perhaps it is time to step back and reinstate some discipline to my diet, rather than allowing Jiminy to dictate my schedule.  I have gotten sloppy about my eating habits, especially here at my parents’, where food is always around and my Mom has odd ideas what a diabetic should and shouldn’t eat.

And does this have application to other pieces of technology that are part of my life?  Am I addicted to my email and internet access?  Well, duh, yes.  Am I suffering here in Illinois because I can’t check my email whenever I want?  I’m really NOT that important that I need to read and respond to every email immediately.  Do I watch too much television?  Sure. It’s easier than engaging in a book, or doing something else constructive when I’m weary at the end of a long day.

So, there’s that humility thing again.  I am humbled by my dependence on technology.  I do love my Animas Ping insulin pump, and the ability it gives me to manage my blood glucose so much more easily and tightly.  Could I live without it? Sure, but I wouldn’t like to.  Shots really are no fun.  And I love my Dexcom. Jiminy is an important partner in my BG management, but I can get along without it. I may have to impose breaks from it on myself every few months just to stay in tune with my body’s cues.  Things like internet and television are wonderful tools for work and play and I do use the internet as another tool in my BG management arsenal, but I can become obsessed with them all too easily.  A fast of sorts is being imposed on me, and it’s a good thing.  A fast from some technology, to remind me that I am entirely dispensable, and that my life is not completely bound up by small devices attached to my body.  Thanks be to God, that He knows what I need and provides it for me.


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