Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes


on July 10, 2012

I’m almost afraid to write this for  fear of inciting the blood sugar demon, but here goes anyway.  I have been experiencing a kind of honeymoon for the past couple of weeks, much to my surprise.  I have not done anything really different, which is why I’m so surprised, and the honeymoon continued while I was traveling, out of my routine, which is another part of the surprise.  So it turns out that just persevering actually works sometimes!  Watching my Dexcom, adjusting for those pesky lingering above-normal readings, counting carbs – in restaurant food, not an easy task – adjusting basal rates when it’s hot, or I’m exercising, or any other time I can possibly imagine – all those things actually work! I’ve had a delightful few weeks where the line on my Dex rarely crosses 200, and most of the time is actually between the lines (80-180 mg/dl). Wow, a beautiful sight to see.  It sure makes me feel good, as if I’ve done something wonderful.  Yes, I’ve worked hard and helped make it happen.  But I’m also completely aware that part of it is just dumb luck.  But I’m going to enjoy the honeymoon while it lasts, and not ruin it by anticipating it’s end.

Being “on a honeymoon” does not mean however, that I can let down my guard.  This honeymoon requires continued work, continue monitoring, continued counting and calculating and continued attention to my devices that demand my time and energy to maintain so that they can help me.  I have now had my Animas Ping for a year and that has inspired me to look back a bit.  When I think back on what my life was like BD (before diabetes) and how it has changed, I am shocked and frustrated at times, but encouraged and triumphant at other times.  The “why me” question is never very far out of my mind, but the “Yes, Lord”  (well, maybe “OK Lord”, not sure I’m up to Yes yet!)  answer is right behind it.  I certainly feel better this summer than I did last summer.  I’m in better shape than I have been in decades (though I am the first to admit I have more to do here).  I have made wonderful friends because of this disease.  I am spiritually stronger because of diabetes, though again, I still have a long way to go here too.

Honeymoons are good, but they never last long enough.


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