What’s wrong with this picture?

For those who have never worn a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), let me explain what you are looking at. This is the screen of Jiminy, my Dexcom CGM.  The numbers on the left are mg/dl blood glucose (BG). Each dot on the graph represents my BG reading at 5 minute intervals.  This screen shows 3Continue reading “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Just do it!

The phrase “Just do it!” has been stuck in my mind for the past couple of weeks.  I had a doctor’s appointment recently and got great news of an lower A1C than I had expected, which made me really happy, of course.  But it seems like the Blood Sugar fairy has been hard at workContinue reading “Just do it!”

Life goes on

Surprisingly, for the past few days, I have almost forgotten I have diabetes. Almost.  Family transitions and events have overshadowed what I thought was a part of my life that could never take a back seat.  And even more surprisingly, it hasn’t been a disaster to put diabetes in the background. This has made meContinue reading “Life goes on”