Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

A most welcome miracle!

on September 26, 2012

   All too often, I only post when things go wrong.  Today, things went VERY right.  Today was our first day of Joyful Noise, our church’s choir school program.  We have close to 50 children, ages 4-12, for an hour of choir, music theory, handbells and a Bible lesson.  I’m the Bible lesson teacher, and because I’m the Children’s Director at church, I’m in charge of the whole program.  This year I have the privilege (!) of having the 4-6 year olds for 25 minutes of that hour.  I have never felt that I have the gift of teaching preschoolers, so I was  a bit nervous about how this was going to go.

Add to this that last year I struggled almost every week trying to keep my blood sugar from plummeting during Joyful Noise. It is a high energy hour, filled with teaching with enthusiasm, moving from room to room quickly, and doing justice to the incredible Truth that we are trying to communicate about worship and God whom we worship.  So this was an incredible blessing to me today. Every time I pulled Jiminy out of my pocket, I saw this flat line and just wanted to shout for joy!  A joyful noise indeed!  This was especially sweet since I have been having unexplainable highs for days up until today.  All the work of managing this glorious mess called diabetes is worth it on days like this.  If I can just remember this on those days when it isn’t going so well……


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