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Sunday’s comin’!

on September 29, 2012

I realize that I have posted several times about Sundays lately, but it seems like Sunday looms large in my diabetes world.  This has been a real up and down week.  It started off terrible, with high blood sugars that I couldn’t explain or get rid of.  I did some tweaking of my basals and boluses and things are better, with an incredibly good Wednesday (see “A most welcome miracle”), and a so-so ending to the week.  I think that the incredible increase in insulin sensitivity that I saw when I first started doing strength training is leveling off now, and might account for last weekend’s wackiness.  When I saw that, I thought about the fact that diabetes really requires that you take a long term view of your life, not a snapshot view.  When I was caught up in the snapshot view earlier in the week, I got discouraged, whiney and just generally felt sorry for myself.  Now that I can look back at it, and see some possible reasons for what happened, I feel chagrined by my neediness and lack of ability to see the way out.

So, back to Sundays. Maybe I need to take that longer term view of Sundays too. Sunday only comes once a week (now there’s a profound statement), so I don’t really get the chance to see it as part of a bigger picture unless I really try. I think maybe I need to try. I’m guessing that Sundays now are better than Sundays a year ago.  Wait, stop. I can’t believe that I have had this disease for long enough to say that.  *Sigh*  Perhaps that’s a topic for another post. Soon.   OK, back on topic.  So probably things have gotten better.  I do remember that I felt pretty awful almost every Sunday for quite a while. Now I don’t usually feel that bad (though it does happen), but I still struggle with going higher than I do most mornings and not coming down as easily.

It’s hard to take that long term view when you are in the middle of a frustrating high or low, or in the middle of what seem like endless days of highs or lows.  First of all, my brain just doesn’t work as well when it’s bathed in sugar, or starving for it.  But too, I just want to know the solution and for the solution to work NOW.  Not next week, not next month. NOW.  I can hear Betty saying (as she did during a recent visit in her office) “Just give it time to come down – it doesn’t happen that fast!”.  She was right of course, my high (after a strength training workout) did indeed come down, just not as quickly as I would have liked. And lows go up, but not as quickly as I’d like.  So the long term view requires patience and a willingness to look at what’s happening as something bigger than the moment. I don’t think I’m very good at that.  Maybe I should learn from Nehemiah, since we are studying that book this year in the Bible study I co-teach.  He faced all kinds of opposition but he took the long term view that what he was doing in rebuilding the walls was more important than getting caught up in squabbles with his enemies.

So perhaps I’ll spend some quality time looking over past data from my pump and from Jiminy tonight, in hopes of making sense of Sundays, or at least seeing that indeed, things are better now than they were a year ago.  And I’ll remember Nehemiah, who also knew the most important thing of all – that God was bigger than anything he was dealing with, and in Him lies the strength to tackle it all.


2 responses to “Sunday’s comin’!

  1. Colleen says:

    Sometimes with diabetes, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees (ups,downs). When it’s going great I always feel so brilliant. Other times…, well, you know.

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