About every week or so, I take time to connect all of my devices (my Animas Ping insulin pump, my glucose meter and my Dexcom continuous glucose meter) to my computer and take a look at the information that these wonderful devices have collected.  This takes about a half hour or longer, depending on howContinue reading “Perspective”


Chinese food (with General Tso’s chicken taking special mention). Pizza. Chipotle spice wings from an un-named wings restaurant. Barbeque sauce. Sweet tea (given to me by mistake at a fast food restaurant, and from which I took a big swig before realizing what it was). Chai Latte (even the sugar free kind). White rice. PotatoContinue reading “Landmines!”

Beautiful (?!) Diabetes

I have had to drive from Cincinnati through southern Indiana to eastern Illinois twice lately, and happily for me, the fall colors this year have been particularly beautiful.  It’s really fun to come up over the top of a hill and have a panorama of richly colored trees covering the hills and filling my vision. Continue reading “Beautiful (?!) Diabetes”