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My Diabetes Science Experiment, part zwei

on November 14, 2012

It’s now been about two full months since I started alternating weight training with swimming.  I feel great and can tell that the workouts are having beneficial effects on my muscle tone.  However, I have to say, it is not getting any easier to manage my ever varying blood glucose from week to week.  Just when I think things have stabilized, they turn a corner and do something else.  “Your diabetes may vary” doesn’t just refer to the fact that my diabetes isn’t the same as someone else’s diabetes, but that my diabetes is never the same two days in a row!

I hesitate to say this, since next week might prove me wrong, but I do think I am beginning to see that the weight training has improved my overall sensitivity to insulin. When I first starting doing weights, I needed less insulin right away, but then it seemed to go back to the previous levels. I think I’m starting to see that my need for insulin is decreasing, especially the ratio of insulin to carbohydates at meals.  I am decreasing that ratio VERY slowly to  see if it helps the pattern I have been seeing over the past week or so of pretty low blood glucose levels during the day.

I have also found that it is much nicer to begin my workouts (whether swimming or weights) at a higher blood glucose than I am used to. The past few days I have woken up with BGs that don’t make me very happy (140 and up). But, my workouts have been amazing!  I swim stronger and faster, and can just shove those weights around like never before!  So perhaps I won’t be too quick to work at lowering those morning levels just yet.

So, on this World Diabetes Day, I sit in wonder of how much things have improved for diabetics since the discovery of insulin by Frederick Banting (whose birthday we commemorate today) and Charles Best in 1921.  I live a pretty normal life with a disease that used to be incurable and fatal.  I may obsess on how to regulate my blood sugar during and after exercising, and any other time, but at least I CAN regulate my blood sugar to some degree (see my previous post for the rest of this story!).  Thank you Banting and Best, and Animas Corporation and Dexcom and Lilly and all the rest, for working to make diabetes as manageable as it is today.  And keep looking for the cure!

And I’ll keep doing my diabetes science experiments.

By the way, zwei is two in German.  Just a blast from my past.


One response to “My Diabetes Science Experiment, part zwei

  1. Pam Dollard says:

    When you get to vier and fünf we’re going to have to talk…

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