Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

Monday musings

on December 3, 2012

A lot of little random things have been rolling around in my  head for days, and it seems like a bullet list might be a good way to release them and get on with life.

  • Exercise is much more pleasant when I start out with a BG of more than 140.  Otherwise after about 10 minutes I feel like a wet noodle and just want to curl up and lie down somewhere. That’s inconvenient when swimming.
  • The past two weeks have been remarkably honeymoon-like.  I do NOT take this for granted, as a stretch that long of relatively good BG numbers and no real crises is pretty wonderful. And it’s not like life has been quiet, by any means.  Maybe I’m getting the hang of this disease.
  • The best part of this recent honeymoon is that I remember what it is like to feel good and full of energy most of the time.  No lows have plagued me for long, and no sticky highs have put me into a fog for at least two weeks.  You’d be surprised how incredible that makes me feel.  It’s great motivation for continuing to work hard on managing this disease.
  • Listening to Kristyn and Keith Getty in my car soothes and invigorates me at the same time. It also gets my mind in the right place – centered on Christ and His incredible grace and mercy.   And the fact that the Gettys have just come out with a Christmas CD is an added bonus.
  • I really do like the children at my church that I have the privilege of working with.  I like their parents too, but Friday night I got the kids to myself while their parents went out on dates (or whatever parents do when someone else takes all their kids).  They are a delightful bunch, full of creativity and kindness and fun.  And our teenagers are amazing.
  • This week is unexpectedly unscheduled now that the ECC stomach bug has taken hold in so many families and we have cancelled all events involving children.  So far I am untouched by the flu, so I now have a week stretching out ahead with no teaching or organizational responsibilities.  Nice.  An early Christmas gift.
  • Now watch, the bug will hit me tonight.
  • Our Christmas tree is up and decorated, the lights are all up outside, most of my Christmas shopping is done, and I get to spend the next couple of weeks knitting like a mad woman.  These are all good things for which I am thankful.
  • Technology, especially diabetes related technology, is a wonderful thing. Most of the time.  It turns out that any little tug on my infusion site (e.g., when I drop the pump and it hangs by the tubing, or when the tubing gets caught on something like a doorknob (don’t laugh – it happens)) makes the site go bad.  This has happened a few times in the past couple of weeks.  My BG will go way up, and when I remember that somehow the site got pulled on, and remove it, there’s a little puddle of insulin just sitting there.  Usually, I can smell insulin before I remember that the site got tugged.  I really hate pulling out a site before I have to. What a waste of money……
  • An infusion site is where the tubing from my insulin pump meets my skin and lets the insulin be “injected” from the pump. It’s about the size of a quarter. And mine are pink. To match my pump.
  • Swimming a few laps after doing a work-out with the weights and machines feels amazing.
  • Lego makes sets from Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit!  Lego Gandalf is adorable. So is Frodo.

I think that’s about it for this Monday.  This has been fun (for me, anyway) so I’ll probably do it again.

Have a good, healthy week everyone. And for those of you with the ECC bug, I’m praying for you……


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