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Successes, and, well, the other things

on January 6, 2013

A number of people have asked me how I’m doing lately, and I think they really do care. So, in the interest of giving a more complete answer to that question than I usually give (settling for the short “OK”, or “waiting to see if this is gonna be a good day or not”), here goes.


  • This morning was the BEST Sunday morning I have had in months. Really.  It was a pretty normal Sunday for me, so it seems like a pretty good test of the new settings I put in my pump last night.  The past 3 Sundays had been awful – sticky low blood sugars that left me feeling dizzy, nauseous and generally weak in the knees, even after they had resolved.  So last night I spent some time taking stock of my basal programs (these are the 4 programs in my pump that control the delivery of insulin throughout the day, as opposed to bolus insulin, which is a dose given at meal or snack times, or to correct a high blood sugar).  There are 4 different programs, and I use all 4, for different kinds of days – Exercise, for days I swim; Other, for days I work out with weights; Weekday, self-explanatory; and Weekend, for Sundays. In setting up these 4 programs, I have to consider the amount of insulin I will need to cover particular times of the day – swimming, doing weights, and being at church on Sundays, for example.  It’s really not has hard as it sounds, particularly since I didn’t set up the initial programs by myself. I had good advice and counsel to get started. (Thanks Betty!) Last night I basically lowered everything by about 10%, since I have been going low more than twice every day, and it was time to stop that from happening. I waited this long because of the holidays, to see if this was really an appropriate change to make. If this morning is any indication, it was a change worth making. I’ll have to see how the week goes to assess if I hit it right.  I’ll probably have some tweaking to do, but at least I have a place to start.
  • I have maintained my exercise program for almost two years now.  I’m pretty happy with that. And I like it, which is a great bonus!
  • My attitude to not-so-perfect blood sugar readings has really improved. I don’t get so freaked out by numbers over 200 anymore. I don’t like them, but I can deal with them more rationally and know that given time, I can bring it down.
  • I think I am more patient in allowing insulin the time to work.  That sounds a little crazy probably, but I want it to work IMMEDIATELY, whether after meals or when trying to bring down a number over 200.
  • I’m getting the new Dexcom G4 continuous glucose meter this week. It’s pink (like my pump), it’s more accurate, has a longer range, and is smaller than my current CGM.  It also looks a lot like an iPod, so if you see me pulling out something that looks like an iPod in church and think I’m just finding something better to listen to, you are mistaken.  I’m pretty excited about this.  Such is my life.

Things I’m working on:

  • I am dealing with a new phenomenon after meals. Even if I dose just before eating (as compared to 10-20 minutes before eating, which is what is usually recommended), my blood sugar drops really low right after eating, and takes a bit of time to come back to a good level. That poses a dilemma – I know I just ate the amount of carbohydrate that I dosed for, so I just need to wait for the carbs to catch up to the insulin.  But my BG is low, so I want to eat (and not just a little!) to bring it up.  This is where my patience is being tested.  This seems to be happening pretty regularly, and I’m a bit befuddled about what to do about it.
  • I dislike asking for help, or accepting it when offered.  Wow, I sound JUST like my mother.  I need to work on this.  I have gotten better at admitting that I don’t feel good when I’m super high or low (which is really dumb, since in both of these situations, I suspect I look as bad as I feel!), which is a start, I guess.
  • I tend to put off dealing with an oncoming low blood sugar too long.  That’s really the whole point of having a CGM, after all.  But there’s this drive to do ONE more thing before giving in to the inevitable. And ONE thing turns into another, and another…….and by the time I do stop, my BG is so low it takes a lot longer to bring it up.  It’s another aspect of admitting weakness.  I hate that (can you tell?).

I’m sure that’s more information that anyone wanted, but it’s good for me to see it all in black and white. I do celebrate the successes, and seeing this list of things to work on makes it seem more feasible, somehow.

Happy new year, everyone.  Thanks for asking me how I’m doing. Keep asking. And I’ll try to keep my answers short and somewhat coherent.



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