Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

That lowly feeling

on January 21, 2013

That little red squiggly line between 8 and about 9:30 this morning says it all.  Low.  For what seemed like a REALLY long time.  The reason for the break in the line just before that explains the low – I swam.  It was a great swim too, and felt really good. That was especially nice since I had a hard time forcing myself out of bed this morning (no school, so no son to take to school, so no reason to get out of bed, except, well, to swim).  So it seemed like a real injustice to go so low for so long afterwards.  Note the rebound too. Not awful, but a fast enough rise to make my head feel really weird.  I told a friend while it was happening that I just wanted to feel human again and thIMG_1878[1]at didn’t happen until about 11:00. Long morning.

You can also see that I went low just before about 7 am.  That started at about 4:30 and Jiminy (my affectionate term for my G4) was buzzing then too.  I was pretty cranky by the time I finally got up at 7.  I have no idea how many gingersnaps (my go-to snack at night -a quick source of sugar without a lot of fat that doesn’t leave the same chalky-mouth feeling as glucose tablets.  Trader Joe’s makes an amazing Triple Ginger Snap.) I ate during that time since I was only half awake the whole time.  But apparently it wasn’t enough to keep me above the danger line until I ate breakfast.  To be honest, I didn’t realize how long I had been low this morning until I looked at this just now.  Kind of scary, really. I don’t remember how often I woke up and hit the button on Jiminy to stop the beeping.  It didn’t feel like it was as long as the one later in the morning since I slept through a lot of it.  But man, am I glad Jiminy sleeps with me!

While this was going on both times this morning, Jiminy was beeping away every few minutes (and the new beep is something you really cannot ignore), telling me to DO SOMETHING about being so low.  I kept telling it I WAS DOING SOMETHING but it wasn’t working yet, so just BE QUIET.  It wouldn’t.  This was frustrating (and I told the same long-suffering friend my frustration about this too) and she pointed out that there is a good reason that the low alarm is the only one you are not able to turn off on the Dexcom.  You see, you can make every other alarm just a vibrate signal, silent and subtle. But the loud beeping alarm for a severe low cannot be turned off.  The reason for this makes me grateful that I have Jiminy and even that it alarms me repeatedly and annoyingly. That reason is that the alternative to being woken up or alerted to the fact that your blood sugar is below 50 is that you don’t notice or wake up and end up in a coma. That’s not something I want to fool around with or experience.

My pump decided it needed to get into the game today too, singing away, alerting me to the fact that it is running out of insulin and needs attention. And when I didn’t acknowledge the fact that it had done this, I got a reminder tune a few minutes later.   I’m really beginning to hate “Für Elise”, the tune my pump plays when it needs my attention.  Beeps, tunes and vibrations have become such a big part of my life in the past two and a half years.  Who knew diabetes was so noisy?  But thank God for the noise.  Remind me of this next time I gripe about it.


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