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Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

My diabetes vacation

on February 25, 2013

I’m in Florida.  It’s warm and sunny and I have tan lines already.  I came for a conference in Orlando for about four days, then a visit with my daughter in Miami for another three and a half days.  Without really deciding to do so, I have taken a bit of a diabetes vacation on this trip.  It has been wonderful.

Of course, I can’t ever REALLY take a vacation from diabetes, since it sticks closer to me than a brother (with apologies to the writer of Proverbs) all the time.  But I found that since my attention was completely soaked up by the speakers at the conference (who can concentrate on anything else when Alistair Begg or Ravi Zacharias or Sinclair Ferguson are speaking?), I paid far less attention to my numbers.  And interestingly, since I didn’t really care what happened, I was more likely to head off a low by eating something without worrying that I would bounce up to the stratosphere.  (Turns out, I didn’t go high, just settled into a nice comfortable level. Huh. Who knew?)  I did go pretty high a couple of times for no apparent reason, but just kind of shrugged my shoulders, dialed in a correction dose and went on my merry way.  My Dexcom must feel a bit neglected, since I haven’t been pushing the buttons nearly as much as I usually do.  This is weird for me.  I don’t usually have such a nonchalant attitude to dealing with highs and lows.

This continued to be the pattern while here in Miami.  My diet is wavering between really healthy and completely absurd (a lovely quinoa salad with wood-grilled shrimp for lunch, followed by something called a chai “soother” which is really code for “milkshake”).  Salad and pizza for dinner (while meeting and enjoying Sarah’s new friends from church).  Cookies to treat lows (lovely cranberry walnut creations).  Overall, my blood sugars have been good, but even when they go high, I can still just shrug and treat.  Without any real emotion.  I went pretty low after walking the beach yesterday, but found that it didn’t discourage me as much as a bad low often does.  Turns out that beach walking works off a milkshake much more quickly and completely than I anticipated.

Chalk it up to distraction? Wanting to make the most of my time with my daughter while I’m here without the distraction of diabetes?  Letting my mind focus on things that I love rather than on an endless series of numbers?  Certainly I’d rather think about God’s mercy and sovereignty than about A1C’s or insulin doses.

What does all of this mean for my return to the real world tomorrow? I’m seeing that I can lose myself in the things I love without diabetes interfering so much, at least emotionally. I still have to deal with testing and dosing and maintaining my robotic parts, which is not a trivial part of my life these days.  But it IS possible to put this disease into the background of my life.  That’s where I’d like it to stay.


One response to “My diabetes vacation

  1. Jodee says:

    Good for you. Even though you need to take care of yourself reaponsibly, it isn’t “healthy to obsess over it either. I’m sure that’s a fine line to walk but I’m guessing as you get more used to it, you will be able to tell more and more from how you are feeling/functioning and need to rely a bit less on the “numbers”. Have a great time with Sarah and enjoy that sun!

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