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Aaaaannnndd, back to the real world…..

on February 27, 2013

The diabetes vacation is over.  That was quick.  Now it’s back to reality and the ups and downs that come with exercise, work, busy-ness and, well, life.  I hadn’t been home from Florida for 6 hours when I hit a really lovely low (please note the irony in that word “lovely”).  And today was roller-coaster day.  Low after swimming, then an absurd high this afternoon that took several boluses to bring down.  No idea where it came from, unless I grabbed a regular Snapple instead of diet. Cruising along nicely now finally, but wow, what a rude re-entry.

In all of this, I have been trying to figure out what it was about the past week that made it so much easier to keep my blood sugars from going wild.  I’d really like to know, so that I could try to make some changes to bring that stability to everyday life.  I don’t think it was related to food or meal-times, since I didn’t eat all that differently than usual.  It can’t be just the difference in weather, since the change in seasons here doesn’t seem to affect my blood sugars. I didn’t exercise while I was gone. The pool at the hotel was outdoors, and while it sounds lovely to swim outside in Florida when it’s 88 degrees, the water was frigid.  And really, there just wasn’t time during the conference to exercise, other than a quick walk around the building (not a trivial thing) between sessions.  My worst low of the week was after we walked the beach however, which echoes what happens after I swim.  Hmmmmm.  A clue, perhaps?

I do know that I was much less stressed during the week.  I could literally feel my body relax.  I didn’t feel any pressure to get places exactly on time, I listened carefully to the talks but didn’t obsess over getting every detail down (I figure God made sure I heard and remember what He needs me to), and just generally enjoyed the time away.  Hmmmmmmmm. Another clue perhaps?

OK, so exercise makes me go low, and less stress helps even things out.  There are two things that really aren’t going to be easy to manipulate.  I know that exercise (swimming plus working out with weights) has improved my insulin sensitivity so that I am using less insulin. My cholesterol numbers are great, and I feel better all around. So, I’m not going to abandon exercise. I just need persevere in tweaking basals, snacks and doses to avoid the dreaded late morning drop.

Less stress.  Right.  Have you seen my calendar? To add to the usual clutter, I got called to jury duty starting next week.  No problem.  Just take two weeks of completely unpredictable scheduling and sync that with work and family obligations.

But I can control how I react to that stress. I loved how I felt last week.   I just relaxed about some things that I am usually much more concerned about.  I guess that’s the key.  There are several beanie-baby ducks floating (!) around our office. The secret meaning of them (well, secret no longer!) is to let things roll off our backs.  Criticism, complaints—just let them slide like water off of a duck’s back.  Maybe that should be my approach for BG numbers and crazy schedules.

And prayer. Always prayer.  I find it hard to pray for myself, but who better to pray for me? I’ll work on that. But I might start carrying that duck around too, just to remind me……..


2 responses to “Aaaaannnndd, back to the real world…..

  1. Colleen says:

    Just ordered the Tallygear case 🙂

  2. Colleen says:

    You won’t be sorry! Did you get a plain one or a fun design? I’m thinking I want a really crazy design for those days when I really don’t want to be diabetic anymore……

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