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Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

A day of hope and health indeed!

on March 10, 2013

This afternoon I attended my first JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) event – an expo that highlighted a lot of different aspects of life with type 1 diabetes. It was appropriately called A Day of Health and Hope. It was so worthwhile.  I learned a lot, which is always fun for me.  I got a peek at what’s happening in the research that JDRF funds and it’s so exciting!  They work on T1D from three points of view: Prevent,Treat, Cure.  The Treat and Cure parts I totally get.  And I’m so happy they are working hard on both of those. It was the Prevent part that really surprised me.  How cool to think that some day (for I have confidence in the perseverance and talent of the researchers out there) there will be a way to actually prevent people from developing this disease.  At this time, it seems as improbable as having an insulin pump the size of mine was to people 25 years ago. So I’m not counting anything out!  Of course my researcher brain kicked in for all of this and it really fed the beast.  Kinda made me want to get back into a lab somewhere. Kinda. Not enough to do anything about it though.

So as good as the content of the expo was, I came away with a lot more motivation than seemed justified by what I heard.  I’ve been thinking about that since I got home and it came to me a few minutes ago.  What motivated me wasn’t so much the content of what I heard (though the exercise session alone was incredibly helpful), it was the fact that here were a bunch of T1Ds coming together to learn and problem-solve, and a bunch of health-care professionals and researchers who are working diligently to make our lives better and easier to manage.  I’M NOT ALONE.  This isn’t news, but occasionally it really helps to sit with people who GET IT.  People who live with T1D 24/7/365.  People who have roller coaster days (or nights) despite their best efforts not to.  People who share my frustration, my occasional thoughts of “It’s not fair!”, and my joy in small (!) victories over diabetes.  I have an incredible support system, as I have said here before, from family, my doc and CDE, and friends. But it really does help to rub shoulders and share stories with other diabetics.  Turns out there’s nothing like it.  So thanks JDRF.  I’ll be back for more, and maybe I’ll jump off the cliff and join in your great work.


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