I think one of the things that has surprised me the most about having diabetes is the new ways my body has surprised me. Of course the biggest surprise is that my pancreas just up and quit.  But there are other things about diabetes that provide smaller surprises day by day. First is probably howContinue reading “Feelings”


I’ve been preparing to lead another Precept Bible study lesson for this next Wednesday. This time it’s on 1 Samuel chapters 24-26. You should read these chapters – there’s some great action here!  But an overriding theme in these chapters is that God restrained David’s hand from doing several things that would have been reallyContinue reading “Restraint”

Surgery and other adventures

What a week it has been. Easter was wonderful, but has been eclipsed somewhat by two rather major events in our home.  On the day before Easter, our son was involved in a car accident. He wasn’t hurt, but it turns out that our van is totalled.  It wasn’t his fault, but of course, theContinue reading “Surgery and other adventures”