“Settling” for 6.5

I saw my doc this week and it was, as usual, an enjoyable time.  My A1C was up .3, but we are all happy about that (me, my doc and my CDE).  Why would we be happy about A1C going UP?  Because to keep it lower (which it has been for the past 9 monthsContinue reading ““Settling” for 6.5″

Getting all the details right….or not.

Now that I have a new pump that I can rely on (thank you Animas!), I can get back to the diabetic routine.  Except that of course, there is no such thing, since everyday is a new blood sugar adventure.  But at least I can be relatively assured that I can keep things mostly withinContinue reading “Getting all the details right….or not.”

Roller coaster ride

At the Baccalaureate service at our church tonight, the charge to our students was from Joshua 24:15-16.  As Isaac talked to our seniors (one of whom was my son), he mentioned that the Israelites often prayed to other gods in addition to God, since they often adopted the customs of the people around them.  ThoughContinue reading “Roller coaster ride”