Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

Life’s little pleasures

on August 5, 2013

It has occurred to me that I have spent a lot of space here writing about problems or frustrations.  It’s time to spread a little joy.  I was inspired this morning to just make a list of the little things that make me smile, perhaps prompting my readers to make similar lists, either in your heads or somewhere more tangible.  So, here goes, with some subtitles to keep things interesting.

Home and Family life

Having all four of us together at meals. A rare pleasure these days and soon to be rarer as we empty our nest in just a few weeks.

A home full of comforts and conveniences. Including a new Poang chair and footstool from IKEA that I practically live in.

A hummingbird feeder. I never tire of watching those incredibly tiny birds.

Deer wandering through my backyard, even though they do eat my okra plants.


A boss who made me cry when he prayed for my daughter and me yesterday.

Co-workers that I truly respect and admire.

An office in a really beautiful setting and a pool just to make it that much better!  Every time I go to work I am thankful for that property and the peace it brings.


I have to start by saying it is really hard to admit that there might be some pleasures associated with this disease.

Yanking on the tubing for my pump and being convinced that I have messed up that infusion site so that my blood sugar will soar – and realizing a couple of hours later that my blood sugar is JUST FINE thank you!

A hot shower after a hard swim – since I can’t enjoy the luxury of the jacuzzi anymore (the pump and CGM sensors really don’t like the jacuzzi), a hot shower on aching shoulders is as good as it gets.

Eating a LaRosa’s calzone (the highest carb food I have eaten since I was diagnosed) and not seeing any major spike in my blood sugar.  Victory!

Keeping a CGM sensor on for two weeks (sorry Dexcom, but I do) and finding it just keeps getting more accurate the whole time.

Decreasing all my basal insulin rates by about 10% per my CDE’s recommendation and finding out she was right!  Score! Less insulin used, fewer hypoglycemic episodes and a happier me!

Uploading my pump, meter and CGM to my computer and finding out it really wasn’t as bad a week as I thought.

A great doctor and CDE who truly care. I’d be lost without them.


OK that’s all I can think of right now.  There might be a part 2 to this eventually.  Count your blessings. It really makes your day.



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