Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes


on August 24, 2013

Apparently strong emotions play havoc with my blood sugar.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. What DOESN’T play havoc with my blood sugar?  We took our son to college yesterday and unloaded all his stuff into his dorm room, then rearranged all the furniture (well, the guys did that part) and unpacked most of his stuff.  Then it was off to shop for the stuff he forgot or didn’t know he needed (when you loft the beds as high as they did, you have to come up with some way to get in and out of them!).  Then back to campus for the Dedication Service, guaranteed to make every parent in the auditorium tear up. I have never been so happy and so sad at the same time. Well, unless it was when we took our daughter to college. The thing that was different this time was the spiritual depth of the experience. Since our son is attending a Christian school which takes both learning and discipleship extremely seriously, the service was more than a ceremony. It was truly a dedication of our sons and daughters to the care of God for the next four years.  It was really even more than that, but I can’t really explain it all yet.

So, needless to say, my emotions were in hyperdrive and my blood sugar followed. High all day, never dropping much below 175 until of course, in the middle of the night, when it hit 60.  I knew those rage boluses would catch up with me.  I said to my husband this morning that I didn’t feel all that emotional, but I guess my blood sugar was a more accurate indicator of my emotional involvement than I realized. 

Today was better, as I tried to focus on the needs at hand, and listen to the presentations of the Provost’s Council (more interesting than it sounds).  I really am so very happy with his choice of school for many reasons, and that does indeed help with the sadness that keeps washing over me.  Dinner was tough tonight as both my husband and I gave into the tears, marking the passing of an era in our home.  And I sort of dread church tomorrow, with no violin-playing son up on the chancel.  Another roller-coaster blood sugar day in store, no doubt. 

Life is never dull with diabetes. Or with kids.


4 responses to “Emotions

  1. Colleen says:

    Who’d have thought dropping them off at college would rank right up there with their first day of school?

  2. Michelle says:

    I too had an emotional day this past week. We dropped off my son at college as well, I know your pain! My husband is diabetic. I notice when his sugar gets low he gets angry and irritable. But, I have never noticed noticed emotions effecting him the other way. I have never heard of 1.5. How is this different than type 2?

    • Colleen says:

      Type 1.5 is also called LADA, Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults. It’s most like type 1 diagnosed late in adulthood (I was diagnosed at age. I was fortunate that my doc caught it not as type 2, but as 1.5, so that he got me on insulin quickly, since the usual type 2 drugs had no effect. He checked the usual diabetes antibodies and mine were super high. So, voila, type 1.5. Lucky me.

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