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A revelation

on September 4, 2013

I had knee surgery yesterday. Nothing big, just a meniscus repair. In and out in 5 hours.  I was worried before the surgery because I was not able to be scheduled for an early arrival as I had hoped.  Since you have to fast from midnight on before surgery, I was hoping that I could get in early so that my blood glucose would be ok.  Originally they had me scheduled for a noon arrival at the hospital, with a 2:30 surgery time. That meant about 12 1/2 hours of fasting going into the surgery. I was not sure I could do that, so I asked to have it moved earlier.  They were able to do so by 2 hours.  Turns out, I really had nothing to worry about.

Based on the excellent advice from my CDE and friend Betty, I raised my target BG to 140, to help prevent going low if I did need a correction dose of insulin.  Then I lowered my overnight basal insulin delivery for several hours, based on the times when I tend to go low.  I woke up with a BG that would normally make me crazy, around 175.  But I knew that was a safe place to be with several hours of fasting and surgery yet to go.  I stayed in that ballpark the whole day!  I was truly amazed.  Turns out, I had forgotten that the whole point of setting up my basal rates is to keep my BG steady when I’m not eating.  It worked!

When I got home from the hospital later in the afternoon, I was feeling pretty nauseous.  I ate something but was sorry a little while later (I’ll let your imaginations fill in the details), so I didn’t eat anything more until this morning. That means I fasted for over 36 hours.  And low and behold, my BG never went low.  I actually had better control (though my BG was higher most of the time than I like) when I didn’t eat than when I do!  if I hadn’t been so hungry, I would have been tempted to just keep fasting.

So the lessons for me?  1. Listen to Betty. Always. 2. My basals are set up pretty well. It was hard work getting them figured out (I have several basal programs, based on exercise and the day of the week, Sunday in particular), and it has paid off.  3. I can fast!   I don’t know if I’ll make fasting a regular practice, but I have to say that I’m happy to know that I can. I’ve been drawn to consider fasting lately as a spiritual discipline but I really thought it was off limits to me.  Nice to know I have the option.

So, Colleen 1, Diabetes 0 this time around.   Now, if I could just bend my knee without incredible pain…….



2 responses to “A revelation

  1. Colleen says:

    Nice going!
    Hope your healing is quick and painless. Meanwhile, sit and enjoy some time resting.

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