Thoughts on becoming a mentor

I attended a training session to become a mentor to another type 1 diabetic yesterday. The session was actually pretty fun.  Turns out it is pretty encouraging and very affirming to hang out with other diabetics who really GET what it takes to manage this disease.  The content of the training was good too, andContinue reading “Thoughts on becoming a mentor”

Life is complicated

I’ve taken my title from a line in an email to a friend.  I was telling her about some thinking and praying I’ve been doing since Friday about my life and work and diabetes.  The three things are intertwined very tightly and lately, the diabetes part has been overshadowing the other two parts.  I feelContinue reading “Life is complicated”

Moderation – in all things?

This is the post I was going to write before the really terrible, horrible, very bad Sunday a couple of weeks ago.  I am learning about moderation in diabetes, and in life maybe too. The first lesson came after realizing that I was having to change out infusion sets* in between pump refills more timesContinue reading “Moderation – in all things?”