The unanswerable question

I keep getting the same question from people about my diabetes. I’ve written about this before but I’m going to do it again because at heart I am an educator. So now you get a little bit of education about diabetes. Again. There are variations on the question, but generally it is the same question.Continue reading “The unanswerable question”

A Breakthrough

This morning as I sat in church, I felt Jiminy (my Dexcom CGM) buzzing me that I was over 200.  Right. Just what I wanted to know. But I found myself amazingly calm about it, pulling out my meter, checking to confirm that indeed Jiminy wasn’t imagining things (indeed, it was 248….).  I was stillContinue reading “A Breakthrough”

I know I am low when…….

In honor of World Diabetes Day (who  knew there was such a thing?) I am following the suggestion of a friend for a post triggered by something that happened at the start of the day today…..So here goes. I know I am low when………. I enter the church where I work and forget to turnContinue reading “I know I am low when…….”