Jekyll and Hyde

The last couple of weeks have been, um, well, diabetically challenging.  Highs have been really high and stuck for hours up there, and there have been a couple of scary lows as well as just too many garden variety lows.  These roller coaster days leave me sluggish, nauseous and just generally pretty cranky and self-absorbed. Continue reading “Jekyll and Hyde”


This has been a really tough week.  Blood sugars have been higher than I would like, and really, really high at times.  Some of it has been my fault, some of it has been unexplainable.  And just to frustrate me a bit more, my Dexcom is now buzzing that I am low, shortly after eatingContinue reading “Transparent”

“Tweeting” diabetes

I am not a twitter person, but I often think is twitter-like ways. So I thought I would just do a list of random thoughts related to diabetes that have come to me recently. Nothing too profound, just observations on day to day life with T1D. Insulin really doesn’t smell all that good.  Think rubberContinue reading ““Tweeting” diabetes”