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“Tweeting” diabetes

on February 2, 2014

I am not a twitter person, but I often think is twitter-like ways. So I thought I would just do a list of random thoughts related to diabetes that have come to me recently. Nothing too profound, just observations on day to day life with T1D.

  • Insulin really doesn’t smell all that good.  Think rubber tires crossed with band-aids.
  • Apparently standing around talking to people or walking slowly for an hour or so makes my blood sugar go up.  But it makes me feel like an old woman to sit down. Talk about a catch 22…..
  • I  love that when I have to test my blood sugar twice to calibrate my CGM (which I do by testing from a finger from each hand), my new glucose meter (a Verio  IQ) comes up with 2 numbers that are very close together.  Yeah, I know, this is totally trivial, but I take joy in the small things now.
  • Cinnamon does not cure diabetes.
  • Really, nothing cures diabetes. Darn.
  • I am beginning to think that eating ice cream (other than Graeter’s) isn’t worth the trouble.   I just stay too high for too long. Graeter’s however, is totally bolus-worthy and for some reason, doesn’t affect me the same way as other ice creams. Weird.
  • Pizza is also rarely worth the aggravation. Except Dewey’s.
  • I’m glad to be swimming again.  I feel better for doing it consistently, and I have made some wonderful new friends as a result. And, it’s good for my overall control of blood sugar.  Which makes it worth the day to day aggravations of never knowing if I’m going to go low after swimming.
  • I still find it ironic that after not really using my degrees in Nutrition for years, I now live immersed in a lot of the stuff I learned way back then.  I’m grateful and yet frustrated by this.
  • I am incredibly thankful for people who care enough about me that they bug me about taking care of myself. Please don’t stop.
  • I am also incredibly thankful for good healthcare providers. Really, the BEST healthcare providers I could want.  They are friends, not just good at what they do.
  • Every once in a while, I test my blood sugar and it’s exactly 100.  This makes me ridiculously happy.  Is this a throw-back to getting 100s in school? Perhaps.  It just feels like a target that I don’t hit very often now.
  • Shopping at places like Sam’s Club and Meijer makes me go low. Almost every time.  So yeah, I have to carb up to go shopping.
  • It’s a bad idea to change out my insulin pump when my blood sugar is low. It takes twice as long because I am really clumsy and thick headed, and one of these times, I’m going to break something important.
  • Strong emotions, whether frustration, sadness or happiness almost always make my blood sugar go up.  This really just aggravates the whole situation.
  • Diabetes is a curse. And a blessing. And something I will be living with from now on without a break.  I don’t let this thought haunt me too often.  It’s too depressing.
  • Mostly, I am thankful for what diabetes is teaching me.  I’m trying to be a good student.

One response to ““Tweeting” diabetes

  1. Colleen says:

    I like the list!
    I’m playing catch up on blog reading and so –

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