Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

Second time here

on June 27, 2014

I will warn my readers that this post, as well as possibly the next few, will have little to do with diabetes, and much more to do with spiritual ramblings. I am at my second Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference in Orlando.  It was a long drive down (with none of the usual blood sugar spikes while driving! Good news!), but already I have forgotten all of it.  We have heard 4 talks and worshiped once with Keith and Kristyn Getty.  Everything that led up to this has paled by comparison.

Before I came, I was realizing that I have been letting diabetes rule too much of my life.  I know I have to think about it and deal with it 24/7. But I don’t want it to become the filter through which I live life.  And I have been.  I have been letting it determine how much I do, or what plans I make or how much I look forward to things.  It colors the good times with darker colors than I want it to.  My prayer on the way down here was that God would replace this view of things with His view of my life.  And it is beginning to happen.  It helps that my bg has been pretty cooperative since we left Cincinnati, though there have been the usual ups and downs.  I want the ups and downs to be in the background of my life, NOT the foreground.  And this weekend, with so many great speakers and opportunities, I have the time to work at making diabetes slide into that less dominating position.

Even before the conference began, the day was lovely. We had a really huge and long-lasting thunderstorm from the time we arrived yesterday afternoon until late into the evening, which kept us inside.  This morning dawned sunny and warm and we headed to the pool and lazy river.  I swam some laps, and we floated lazily on inner tubes for about 3 rounds of the lazy river.  A little sun, then in to prepare for the conference.  The first three talks reminded me of why I came.  While the focus of the panel discussions was on complementarianism, I found myself drawn to think more about how God has called me into ministry, both with children and now with the women of our church.  I do not feel limited in the least by considering myself a complementarian and in fact, I was reminded how freeing it is to live in the way that (I and others here) believe God designed us to live.  I was also reminded of how beautiful it is to hear God’s Word taught and spoken of so lovingly and with such passion and insight and intellectual vigor.  I want to be able to teach like that.  I am humbled and at the same time challenged to be a diligent student and teacher.  And I agree with our speakers: How cool is it that at a Women’s conference, we are hearing exposition on the book of Nehemiah.  As one of the panel discussion members put it, this is a conference for women, but not all about women. I am grateful that we are not being fed pablum, but solid meat, from God’s Word.

I needed this. I need to be re-kindled, re-juvenated, re-focused and re-vived.  I can feel it beginning and I am sure that there is more and better to come.  For now, it’s back to the bookstore…….


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