Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

P. S.

on September 5, 2014

I’ve been continuing to think about yesterday’s post and the questions people ask us about diabetes.  In the middle of the night last night, after being awakened three times by my CGM buzzing and then beeping to tell me my blood sugar was low, I had these thoughts:

I think one bit thing that people don’t understand is that diabetes is not a disease that gets progressively better or easier to deal with the longer you have it.  I’m sure I have said that before on this blog.  However, when people ask me if my diabetes is better, I get the feeling they don’t realize that.  Every day really is a new experience with diabetes.  I wish I could just plug some numbers into my insulin pump, dial in the carbohydrates I eat, and expect my blood glucose to always be in a good range.  I love my pump, and it is a HUGE help, but even though I DO plug numbers into it, and dial in the carbohydrates, my body is not static.  There are all kinds of factors that affect how my body reacts to the insulin it delivers.  So while I have learned a lot about myself and how to manage my diabetes, it’s a moving target.  There is no magic combination of insulin/carbohydrates/exercise/medication that will work all the time to keep my blood sugar in a good target range.

Think of it like a bicycle ride.  I love that when you work hard to get up a hill on a bicycle, you get to coast down the other side.  That never happens with diabetes.  There is no coasting.  It’s an uphill ride all the way.  Some days the hills are easy and mild.  Other days it feels like you never get to the top of the mountain.

I’m not saying this to be overly dramatic or to gain sympathy. It just is the reality of every type 1 diabetic’s life.  I’ve been thinking too about what questions I would LIKE for people to ask, or what questions I could actually answer.  One might be: What have you learned about yourself because of your diabetes? or maybe, What has God taught you recently as you have dealt with diabetes?  Because the good news is that I am indeed always learning.  About myself, about diabetes and how to manage it, about my need to depend on God’s strength to deal with the uncertainties and frustrations of everyday life now, and about my weaknesses (and there are a lot of these…..).  But really, no matter what you might ask me, I really do appreciate the concern that is expressed, even if it is the ‘wrong’ question!


2 responses to “P. S.

  1. Colleen says:

    I agree! When people ask, “How’s your diabetes?” Just what do they expect?? My usual response – “Not cured yet.”

    • Colleen says:

      That’s a great response! I might steal it 🙂 I talked with my CDE about this question yesterday. I really am kind of stumped still. I get the impression that people think that the pump will solve all of our problems and we don’t have to think about diabetes at all. If only that were true…..I answered the question “How is your diabetes doing?” recently by saying it is like aiming at a moving target. Best I could come up with on a moment’s notice……..

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