Life in LADA land

Living Philippians 1:6 with type 1.5 diabetes

Time flies

on October 25, 2018

Here it is, the end of October and the days of sabbatical are waning.  It has been a wonderful few months, though not at all what I expected this sabbatical to be.

I envisioned long leisurely days of reading, writing, working, knitting and enjoying the countryside.  Instead it has been filled with caregiving, cleaning, hosting people at the house, along with some reading, knitting, and enjoying the countryside.  In some ways I am fighting disappointment that our time here is coming to an end. I want that idealized version of things I imagined! However, I understand that those plans were definitely idealistic. I am still me, and a long day with no plans is not really what I do best. I have learned a few things through this process.

Planing helps.  I do have long days by myself – but if I do not set out a plan of what I hope to accomplish, I end up wasting a lot of time which is quite unsatisfying.  I don’t always end up doing what I planned, but somehow writing things down makes me more accountable for being productive. And I am happier at the end of the day when I can look back and see that I have used the time well.

Down time is ok.  I fight the urge to keep busy at all times.  Really, it is ok to have some down time to just relax, read for fun, pick up a magazine and enjoy it, or go outside with no agenda of exercise or yardwork.  This new revelation is going to be harder to apply when I return home where the demands are more urgent.

God is good.  All of the things that have ‘interfered’ with my plans for sabbatical were arranged for my good and His glory.  Dad’s final days and his death and funeral, spending more time with Mom and then moving her to Danville and spending even more time helping her settle in, trips back and forth to Cincinnati – all of these things seem like interruptions. But God is showing me that what I consider interruption is His way of teaching me to rely on His grace and strength.  It’s not pretty or easy, but it is a necessary process to transform me into who He intends me to be.

Sabbatical.  Our last one until that long sabbatical called retirement. I pray that the lessons I am learning now will carry through to that time in my life!

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